Friday, January 6, 2012


Wow, Joshua is a leader that amazes me. As I've journeyed through the book of Joshua I've seen a fearless relentless leader that believed the Lord, trusted him, obeyed him and above all else valued his presence. When Moses and Joshua went into the tabernacle, Moses left but Joshua lingered behind in the glory. When Moses went up the mountain, Joshua followed just to be near the presence. When Moses sent 12 spies into the promised land only 2 of them believed God- Joshua was one along with Caleb! When Moses died, Joshua was appointed leader by God. Joshua was a faithful leader that walked in faith and obedience and was able to bring the children of Israel all the way into their promises.

After Joshua led the children of Israel into the promised land and after all the land was divided, Joshua was able to choose the land he asked for. It says he was able to choose his land according to the Word of the Lord.  That's what the reward of faith is! You get to choose what you want and receive it of the Lord.  In the same way he had told others to survey land and divide it among them, so they gave him his portion and he was able to survey his land and make his choice just as God had promised.  Not everything is appointed. Some things you just ask for and because of your reward God gives it to you.  There are things about which he says, "You have not because you ask not!"  God says "Ask and you will receive whatever you ask for (paraphrased.)  This is the reward for those who desire God's will, make the choice to walk in obedience, have faith through trials and tribulations and become an example others can follow!  Joshua's reward was his choice of land!

The bible says the land was divided at the door of the tabernacle. Joshua as leader gave the tabernacle place in the new land. Joshua is an Old Testament character and therefore did not have the Holy Spirit inside. He could not yet BE the tabernacle because the Holy Spirit had not yet been given. I'm sure that if Joshua could have taken up residence inside the tabernacle he would have.  He couldn't live inside the tabernacle because he was not a priest but as an older man, Joshua chose to give place to the presence of the Lord and the Word of the Lord! I have grown to love this man named Joshua and I think I want to follow his example!

Lord may we all be like Joshua who believed you, followed you, trusted you, obeyed you, believed you in the midst of battles and adversity and all of his days followed your word and gave place to your presence! May we all so fully obey you that we too can choose our inheritance! Amen!