Tuesday, April 29, 2014



I want to talk about HIS POWER. Yes, I am speaking of God’s power but at the same time I’m speaking of His Power, a horse nicknamed Peyton that was given the name “His Power,” by his breeder. I know His Power because I board my horses, Dolly & Sunny at Pam Greene Bacon's barn who is His Power (Peyton’s) owner.

Saturday morning, we headed out to a Southern Obstacle Challenges show together, truck, trailer and three horses in tow. The show was near Ocala and we were leaving from Plant City. For some reason, Pam and I talked about nothing but God. We talked about the fact she had a feeling during the night it wasn’t going to be a good road day and she had been up in the night praying. We talked about the many occasions we knew of where angelic intervention had been responsible for changing an outcome of a bad situation. For three hours we told story after story. It seemed as if God’s presence filled the air and I know not only did it seem that way, it was so!

By 3:30 p.m. we were finished and ready to head home! Whew what an early day! It had been hot so we decided for the short drive down the lane, we’d let the horses hang their heads out. We were just speaking of closing the windows.
Going at approximately 10-15 miles per hour, we came too close to a tree. Dolly, (my horse,) saw the tree and pulled her head in. She ended up with a little scrape. His Power wasn’t so fortunate. The tree hit his head and knocked him into shock and then the tree pinned his head against the frame of the window and bent the window. Pam had at that precise second looked into the rear view mirror. That in itself is a miracle and a display of HIS POWER. Had we continued moving forward at that exact moment Peyton would be dead! We moved backward a little to clear the tree and free His Power (Peyton’s) head.

Peyton was in shock. He was groaning and in terrible pain. Pam was in shock. She literally thought he was dying. He thought he was dying as he tried to lay down. Pam held him up knowing her presence would keep him on his feet as she tugged his halter. I just prayed, but not just any prayer. I laid hands on him and prayed for HIS POWER to touch this horse, saying, “God you care about all of your creation. Let your power touch Peyton right now, in Jesus name.”

By now we had drawn a crowd because we were blocking the way for others. Fortunately one of Pam’s long-time friends, Carrie, was right behind her and I motioned for her help. We were all able to get calm enough to pull up to a clearing so others could pass. There we unloaded Peyton from the trailer.

A vet tech was nearby and was able to give him 10 cc of banamine. A vet was there but with no tools so she called a mobile vet. The mobile vet came and did all she could, giving him additional pain medicine. Peyton seemed to be slowly coming out of shock but seemed unsteady on his feet. I think most people drugged up can get a little unsteady on their feet!!

The mobile vet did take control of the situation and I’m sure she felt she was just doing her job. She was afraid of broken neck bones that could cause neurological damage but Peyton being a slower smart mover over steps anyway and also having a natural walk like a drunken sailor tends to confuse vets.
The mobile vet told Pam, “This horse is not going home tonight without first going to…..” and she named Place A and Place B. She also said, “I don’t see you riding this horse for at least 6 months!” I think we ended up at Equine Medical Center of Ocala.

By the time we arrived at the hospital, Peyton was alert, relaxed and back to himself. Pam still had the vet x-ray his neck and head. Miraculously there were no broken bones and we were allowed to go home.

It is our wholehearted belief God knew and warned us beforehand of a bad road day. He had Pam pray the night before. He didn’t stop us from going but he went with us. He listened to our conversations about HIS POWER on the way up. He heard the prayers of those standing around praying and crying out for Peyton’s life.

God displayed HIS POWER on behalf of His Power who was prophetically named. This is a story God wants everyone to hear! This is not the first time God has shown HIS POWER to and through His Power. Peyton has been used in orphan ministry and had been a blessing to many! God has shown HIS POWER to and through His Power mostly to his owner Pam Greene Bacon and God’s not finished showing His Power (HIS POWER) yet.

In fact, this next weekend Pam will be showing His Power in a FWRHA show! Everyone there will see a testimony in His Power by HIS POWER. To God be all the glory!

Malachi 3:16 Then those who feared the Lord talked often one to another; and the Lord listened and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him of those who reverenced and worshipfully feared the Lord and who thought on His name.

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