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A Verse by Verse Study
My own personal journey of studying what’s revealed to me! 

Revelation 1:1

Chapter 1:Verse 1  The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants—things which must shortly take place. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John..

The Revelation-

Greek definition of Revelation

1) laying bare, making naked
2) a disclosure of truth, instruction
a) concerning things before unknown
b) used of events by which things or states or persons hitherto withdrawn from view are made visible to all
3) manifestation, appearance

People often talk about the book of Revelation being a mystery yet here, the Greek definition of Revelation comes from the word, Apokalypsis which means to lay bare & make naked.  That would indicate a removing of the covering or the veil.  According to the definition it also means a disclosure of truth.  When something is disclosed, it is revealed and made known.  This is the making known of something previously unknown.  Definition 2b says it is to make things known and visible to all.  Definition 3 is the manifestation or appearance.

What may continue to be unknown are the things the bible clearly says are not revealed such as the day and hour of his return.  There may be specifics that are not revealed but those are the things not revealed, not the things revealed.  Many make the mistake of trying to figure out what isn’t revealed rather than focusing on what is.   The best thing to do when studying the book of Revelation is to glean from what IS revealed and there is much.  The purpose for God coming to John with the Revelation was to reveal and so we pursue the study of the truth revealed within the book of The Revelation! Amen!

Here in the firsts verse of THE REVELATION, God reveals the "trinity,"  or the "Godhead, which is the revealed three in one!  This is one of many places in the bible, the Trinity is  revealed.  This must not stump us as we are limited in understanding but God with whom nothing is impossible is able to be "God in three persons, the blessed Trinity!"  I find it amazing how Genesis 1:1 reveals the Trinity as does Revelation 1:1! God is Holy and God is great!

God the father gave Jesus the Revelation so he could show it to his servants. The Revelation was given to John by the Spirit and in the Spirit on the Isle of Patmos to record in a book that would become the bestseller of all time.  This book would be God’s love letter to mankind through which he would reveal himself and his plans through.  He said servants which is plural meaning God wanted all who serve Jesus to know the things which must shortly take place.  If approximately 2,000 years ago, these things were considered to be coming soon, how much more so are we near to the coming of our Lord. We must never become like the evil servant that says, “My master delays his coming (Matthew 24:48,) but instead we must keep our eyes looking upward, knowing our redemption draws near (Luke 21:8!)   

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