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One of the things that touches me greatly in studying the life of Joseph is:

  • Nothing Joseph could do could get himself out of his situation.
  • His brothers sold him beyond his control; he ended up a slave beyond his control; he ended up a prisoner beyond his control; he ended up in promotion- and yes, that too was BEYOND HIS CONTROL AND BEYOND HIS EXPECTATION!
  • Being a marketing person I can relate. 
  • I've always been in some sort of sales or marketing role whether marketing my company or selling a product.  You sell more by telling your story and hoping those that will buy your story get your message! That's why I usually press forward to bring change!
  • In ministry you knock on doors, they open and sometimes close again!
  • In business you often try everything you know to change a situation but things remain the same or sometimes get worse!
  • Sometimes increases are that way also- they come in the most unexpected ways!
  • Joseph telling his story wasn't going to be God's way of fulfilling his destiny!
  • God had a timing and God had a way!

Collisions between the present and the future, the prophetic and the current:

  • God shows the future but...
  • For the moment the present doesn't change!
  • So what to do?

The answer is live in the presence in the present while calling in the future:

  • The answer is to live in the present, knowing the future!
  • The future is real and you have it now in the Spirit realm! In due season it will manifest in the natural realm!
  • The answer is to press into the presence of God in the present circumstance.
  • Paul said I know how to abound and how to be abased- God's PRESENCE IS  THERE in it all!
  • In the prophetic, we embrace, believe, & speak to the future.
  • Because:  In the last days, your sons and daughters shall prophesy... (Acts 2:28b)
  • God does nothing without first revealing it to his servants the prophets (Acts 3: 7 Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless he reveals his secret to  his servants the prophets.
  • Anyone hearing the voice of God can prophesy and should prophesy!
  • The spoken word of God is the creative Word of God!
  • God brings about futures through the mouth of prophets!
  • God has great things in store in the future!

The present is:

  • The future once spoken.
  • God is doing something in your present!
  • Your present doesn't look exactly like you thought it would!
  • Neither will your future be exactly what you expected!

The Collision between the future and the present:

  • Thank God for the collision between the present and the future:
  • Like Joshua who lingered in the tabernacle in the glory of God, linger in the presence in the present.
  • Let it stop us in our tracks so we drop everything to enjoy his presence!
  • Enjoy the presence of God and what he's doing in the moment!
  • The moment was once a prophecy!

There's purpose in the present:

  • Everywhere Joseph went, he impacted lives and in the end, his journey brought to pass a 400 year promise God made to Abraham to bring an entire nation out of bondage.
  • In the process he was a blessing wherever he went! He blessed his father, blessed the Midianites (they profited,) blessed Potipher, the prisoners, the prison keeper, Pharaoh, the nation of Egypt and then he blessed the very brothers who originally kicked him out of the family and sold him into slavery!
  • God's touching someone- whether it's you, a Potipher, a prisoner, a prison keeper, a Pharaoh or a nation, or even the body of Christ!"
  • It's about more than just us! God always has had and always will have people in mind!
  • We're vessels being used for a glorious purpose!
  • If you're a child of God that cries out for the will of God, then you're in the perfect timing of God so for the moment, enjoy your collision! God truly is ordering your steps just as he said!

Enjoy the presence of God in the present and embrace and call in your future and enjoy the wonderful collision between the prophetic and the now! Amen!

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